A Syspro integration software developer with over 25 years of programming experience.

Price Foltz’s computer technology career started in 1985 on Manchester Blvd., in Shaker Heights, Ohio after his parents bought him his first Apple II computer.  It was then that Price’s love for technical engineering blossomed.  Price immersed himself in computer technology and used every opportunity available to him to learn more.  In high school he volunteered as a camp counselor at University School to teach campers about computers and, in college, he dedicated his education to computer engineering which led to an excellent entry level programming position with BP Oil Company in Cleveland.

Throughout the years Price has capitalized on every software development opportunity presented to him.  He has worked for some of Cleveland’s largest employers such as BP Oil, Society Bank, Key Bank, Moen, Officemax, Sherwin Williams, PNC, Cleveland Clinic and smaller companies like North Coast Health Care Management, Zircoa, who provide services to niche markets.  Each of these organizations and experiences has given Price a unique perspective in the technology arena.  He prides himself on using the knowledge learned in one field and applying it to other clients.  His code is reproducible, scaleable, flexible, forward thinking.  He builds what the client requires for tomorrow rather than just meeting today’s needs.  Price becomes part of the client team, he intrinsically understands the client business and then helps guide the client to better technology practices for the future.

In 2001, Price became an independent software developer and took all of his technology experiences to his private clients.  His goals were simple; 1.  Provide clients with the best possible service, 2.  at the best possible cost, 3. while maintaining excellent relationships.  Today, over 15 years later, many of those clients or their employees are current customers of Manchester Consulting.  Because of Price’s customer centric beliefs and his dedication to providing the best possible technology solutions, clients stay with Manchester and have seen great success using Manchester Consulting technology to advance their business.  Today, while growing the Manchester Consulting name and focusing on being a Syspro integration software developer, Price wants to develop this same relationship with his employees.  He strongly believes that putting the right people with the right knowledge in the right jobs leads to great success.  His consulting and technology goals are different from most software development companies in that Price will only provide services his employees are masters at delivering.